Adapt and collaborate efficiently to deliver high value

Let’s Maestro’s Agile process management software manage and optimize processes so you can focus on what matters.

Will Agile Work For My Team

Agile automation can adapt to fit any project in any industry. Does your team:
  • Rely on inter-departmental collaboration
  • Have projects delayed due to unclear processes
  • Struggle to adapt to changing deliverables or timelines
  • Find yourself always ‘hurry up and waiting’
  • Have multiple tasks whose outcome depends on one other
Implementing Agile Processes can enable clarity on dependencies, clear communication, and consistent delivery of projects.

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Agile Adoption & Implementation

Integration of Agile Methodology into your organization may bring some challenges. A successful approach includes:
  • Communicating the need for change – organizational education should be your first step.
  • Buy-in from all departments – blockers often come from outside core teams.
  • Slow and intentional actions – ensure Agile works with core teams before expanding.
  • Ensure new Agile & existing Waterfall systems coexist – Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • The right technology to support your change – ensure cross-departmental communication is easy.


Work Management

  • Dynamic search & filter works automatically with all your connected data.
  • Categorization algorithms smart group all work with similar expected outcomes to enable bulk management.
  • Patterns and rules engines assign and prioritize so work gets to the right people in the right order.


  • Turn visualized process history into actionable outcomes for improvement and impact remediation.
  • Track improvements with Manual vs Automated process performance reports.

Process Orchestration

  • Manage your workflow with a no-code interface to make improvements over time.
  • Visually coordinate and communicate with other stakeholders within your process diagram.


Our Free option allows you to test one process with five collaborators so you can understand how Maestro can work for your team. You can upgrade depending on your organization’s needs when you’re ready.

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