Transform your business with agile process orchestration

Transform your business with agile process orchestration

Smart, simple, collaborative software that makes it easier for your team to focus on what’s important.

How does Maestro work?



Technology is used to automate a single process or several interrelated tasks.



Take those multiple automated tasks and creates a dynamic and agile workflow.

Maestro from Quantrion does both. It can make decisions and actions based on your usual decisions and selected parameters. Then, turn those automated processes into a single system that can manage every aspect of your workflow

About Maestro

Work Management

Dynamic search and filter 

Search and filter works automatically with ALL of your connected data

Smart grouping

Algorithms organize your workload by the task. Manage these activities in bulk to meet expectations and innovate on your process.

Assignment and priorization

Our patterns and rules engines put work requiring manual intervention in the right hands, in the right order.


Insights and analytics

Get visualized actionable outcomes for both process improvement and impact remediation.

Measurable automation performance

Track your processes and machine learning improvements with manual vs automated process performance reports.

Process Orchestration

Configurable steps, transitions, and automations

Manage your workflow with an interface that empowers you to make improvements over time.

Manage work items communication and risks all within the workflow

Manage all your work items visually while communicating with other stakeholders – all within your process diagram.


Community Templates

Get a head start on your processes with a template that fit your needs, that you can customize and make your own. 

Pick up where you left off

Easily import all your existing data  from other tools to Maestro so you can continue  your processes in a more efficient  and collaborative way.



Visualize your processes any way you wan, so you can work more efficiently: kanban board, activity backlog and process orchestration.


Connect Maestro with your favorite tools to maximize its potential and get more done.


We support your growth

From onboarding to coaching and everything in between, we are committed to your growth. Experience our elite customer service and help team.

Customized for you

Maestro is suited for many different use cases and can be adapted to fit your company’s specifics needs.

Find out what Maestro can do for your business

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