Streamline your value. Adapt, automate and collaborate

Bring Agile Process Management with Maestro, so you and your team can focus on what matters

An adaptable automation framework that can fit any project in any industry. Does your team:

 – Rely on inter-departmental collaboration?

 – Require adaptation to changing deliverables and timelines?

 – Struggle with delays or unclear processes?

 – Experience chaotic workloads?

 – Get snagged waiting on information, resources, or assets?

Implementing Agile Processes can enable clarity on dependencies, clear communication, and lightning speed.

How to approach agile implementation

It’s start with communication

Implement process communications and educate your organization, it’s the first step.

Implement where it matters most

Find where automation and an Agile approach creates value or target pain points in your process.

Buy-in from every department

Produce amazing results on core teams, then expand company-wide for continuous growth.

Integrate new and existing systems

Easily incorporate existing systems and automate away the menial or redundant tasks.

Automate tasks and streamline communication

There’s no limit to your efficiency. Maestro can help you grow.

Tools for agile process management

Learn what benefits agile processes offer and how it can integrate with your team in our new eBook.

is your agile workflow automation solution

is your agile workflow automation solution

Work Mgmt

Simplify your workflow

• Use patterns and rules to automatically assign and prioritize tasks so they get to the right people in the right order.

• Use dynamic search and filters that incorporate your connected data to find what you need as soon as you need it.

• Manage your tasks and data in bulk with categorization algorithms and smart groups.


Get insights, take action

• Track processes and improvements, and use your process history for continuous improvement.

• Use automated or manual report building to track process improvement to find actionable insights.

Process Orch

Workflows and teams in harmony

• Build workflows and processes with an intuitive, no-code interface.

• Visually coordinate and communicate with other stakeholders within your process systems.

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